The Reformer is based on a sliding platform and associated system of ropes & pulleys, with multiple accessories, all designed for exercise in a horizontal axis

The Tower is the tall frame attached to the Reformer, with its own system of accessories for predominantly vertical-axis training

With a complex network of high-grade springs, the whole machine can offer an almost limitless choice of resistances to work against

The use of springs, rather than traditional weights, means that resistance is smooth and constant across a broad range of movement, and far more controllable. Hence tendons and ligaments are placed under far less stress for an equivalent muscular challenge



The combo Reformer/Tower offers an infinitely more sophisticated range of movements and resistances than can be imagined with the floor mat variant of Pilates; the exercise combinations and permutations on offer are practically endless!


This allows for coached sessions to offer unlimited variability to the practitioner, avoiding the phenomenon of "muscle-learning" that diminishes the effects when the body adapts itself to non-varied movements, as in weight training.

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